"We have enjoyed increased sales in the lift truck and ice resurfacing business as a result of using CGX-4. As new Workers Compensation Regulations are demanding lower indoor emissions, the CGX-4 product has been a natural. We have been able to show customers the benefit of using our premium fuels, as well as increasing our margin or at least gain and retain business on a value added basis. In a time when competition is fierce, CGX-4 has given is a definite advantage over our competitors." Canwest

"The department has been using the gas additive for approximately four years. Prior to using the product, we were experiencing great tune-up problems ... scheduling them every 10,000 miles...now we tune up at 20,000 to 30,000 miles. It has also eliminated the common cause of water in the gas which required continual individual unit treatment." County Sheriff's Department

"We ran a side-by-side comparison test on some lift trucks and determined that the use of GSL-4® would reduce the unfavorable emissions in the shop from gasoline-powered vehicles. Mufflers were plugging up to the point the trucks would not run...now have all gasoline treated...and have not had a plugged muffler since." Forklift Maintenance Manager

"I’ve been using your oil additive for the past four years in our waste oil furnace that supplements the heat in our service department. Your product has helped to keep our furnace running with fewer problems and more heat. I am happy to recommend your product." Automotive Dealership

"After the first 30 days of using DSL-5®, we showed significant increase in mileage on six of our semis, and each tractor seemed to burn fuel cleaner." Drainage Systems Manufacturer

"I have been using Energy Additive's products for my gasoline and diesel fuel for over one year...(I)have noticed a significant increase in mileage on all my vehicles. It is very obvious that the program is saving me money in fuel-related down time costs." Construction Company

"This letter is written as a testimonial and recomendation for HFX fuel additive, which we have used in our boiler fuel for several years. Prior to its use, the maintenance and cleaning needed for the boilers was very costly and time consuming. The grade of fuel that we receive differs and the use of HFX has also helped to maintain consistent fuel efficiency.


Utilizing HFX, because of the cleaning and elimination of sludge build-up, has also extended the life of the boiler components. The increased combustion of the fuel has lowered heat loss, which also contributes to lower emissions.


Our company has been very pleased with the cost savings and performance enhancing qualities HFX has provided for the fuel burning in our boilers and only make sense for its continued use." Paper Mill Operator

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