"Heavy ends and oil were leaving a buildup similar to grease in the fuel systems and regulators, restricting the flow of gas. Labor costs just to keep the system operating was thousands of dollars. After using Vapo-Kleen® and our automatic injection system, all of these problems were eliminated." - Military housing facility, Maryland

Vapo-Kleen® is a highly effective supplement for propane used in heating or drying applications, where the product is vaporized using direct or indirect-fired vaporizers. This product consists of several unique chemical compounds, removing and preventing deposits occurring in vaporizers as well as downstream in regulators and valves. It also cleans tanks and lines. The polar solvents used in Vapo-Kleen® first soften and then remove long-chain hydrocarbons. It also pulverizes and disperses water molecules, eliminating the need for methanol except in extreme conditions. Vapo-Kleen® contains no metallic elements or alcohol.

LPG deposits heavy ends as it passes through vaporizers and the fuel system. The hydrocarbon chains break down at this point in the fuel system, leaving a buildup of a gummy residue, similar to grease. Water deposits in the vaporizer and fuel system will not only contaminate the fuel, they can freeze, blocking the flow of fuel.

These inherent problems can inhibit performance and require disassembly and clean up of the components of a fuel system -- a time-consuming process that can disable the LPG fuel system. Labor costs to regularly clean these components during peak usage time can add significantly to the cost of maintaining the boiler, heater, or dryer in the facility. Vapo-Kleen® greatly reduces these problems found with ordinary LPG or HD5 propane.

Vapo-Kleen® does not contain metallic elements or hazardous solvents that can add harmful impurities to the environment.



Specific Gravity @ 60°F


Flash Point

109° F

Viscosity (SUS @ 100° F)

30.0 sec.



Initial Boiling Point

318° F

Final Boiling Point

400° F

Ash Content (@ 500° C)

Less than 0.005%

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