"In addition to using only high quality propane designated as motor fuel, the use of a fuel additive such as CGX-4® or equivalent will significantly reduce impurity deposit buildup and is recommended," - Ford Motor Company

LPG, as it passes through carburetors and vaporizers, deposits heavy end buildups. The hydrocarbon chains break down at this point, leaving a gummy residue similar to grease. Heavy end buildup in carburetors and vaporizers requires constant service, and long chain hydrocarbons and other contamination cause combustion problems.

The emulsifiers in CGX-4® slowly soften and remove these buildups to prevent their interference with engine operation. The oil-soluble substance holds insoluble foreign matter in suspension so heavy ends are carried through the vaporizers and carburetors and burned during the combustion process.

CGX-4® also provides upper-cylinder lubrication to the moving parts in the top of the combustion chamber that are not lubricated by the crankcase oil. This top oil is not completely vaporized in the combustion chamber because of its 425-degree F (218-degree C) flash point. This results in a light film coating to the cylinder walls, rings and valves, and the added lubrication increases engine efficiency, reduces operating temperatures and prolongs engine life.

CGX-4® has combustion-improving compounds without the use of metallic elements, which by themselves can add harmful impurities to the environment. These compounds minimize pre-ignition in the combustion chamber prior to spark plug ignition of the fuel mixture. They also provide a more even burn upon ignition, increasing the efficiency of fuel combustion.

Results include: higher pressures in the combustion chamber, increased power, more efficient fuel economy, and a very significant reduction in carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases.

CGX-4® is available in five-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums, and should be used as part of your regular maintenance program by adding a small amount to bulk storage tanks or individual vehicle tanks or cylinders. Add one ounce of CGX-4® to 16 gallons of propane. Optimum dosage for large tanks is one gallon to 2,000 gallons of LPG. Injectors are available.

CGX-4® is non-toxic, contains no alcohol and does not affect odorant. Safe for all propane-powered engines, it leaves no harmful deposits in the combustion chamber.



Specific Gravity @ 60° F


Flash Point

109° F

Pour Point (below)

-70° F

Viscosity (SOS @ 100° F)

30.0 sec



Initial Boiling Point

318° F

Final Boiling Point

400° F

Ash Content (@ 500° C)

Less than 0.005%

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