"Just a note of thanks for the superior job your team has done. HFX® is everything you stated it was. Fuel and maintenance costs here have dropped dramatically in the last year. I’ve always said that proper maintenance has a large effect on the longevity and efficiency of your equipment. Now, HFX® is a significant part of my maintenance routine, and it has resulted in a greater savings and a boost to the bottom line. Again, thanks to you and HFX®." - Equipment company owner

HFX® is a balanced compound of an organic dispersant, detergent and a surfactant blended with a highly effective combustion-improving catalyst in a pure hydrocarbon base.

Each additive within this compound is designed to improve performance characteristics found in residual fuel.


Among HFX®'s benefits:

  • Flowability of residual oil stocks is improved.
  • Varnishes, gums and carbon deposits are reduced.
  • Water in residual fuels passes through delivery and ignition systems.
  • The formation of slag SO3 and the reduction of excess air result in significant savings of fuel consumption.
  • The compound combination adds up to lower hazardous emissions and improves fuel consumption.
  • Laboratory tests confirm the value of HFX® as an additive to residual fuel stocks.



Specific Gravity @ 60° F


Density (Lbs/Gallon) @ 60° F


Flash Point (PM)

112° F

Viscosity (SUS @ 100° F)

30.0 sec.

Fire Point

135° F

Pour Point

below -50° F

BTU per Pound


BTU per Gallon


Color ASTM-D-1500


Neutralization #(MG KDH/GM)


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