"I have been using your gasoline additive for about three years. After the experience I have had with it, I won't run my equipment without being treated with GSL-4®.” - Commercial gardener

Gasoline sold in the United States and other developed countries is a highly consistent product designed to be used shortly after leaving the refinery. However, when left in fuel tanks and fuel systems, problems occur with even the best of this fuel. This often becomes a problem in both marine and agricultural applications.

Other issues: Leaded gasoline is often no longer available in many localities because of environmental concerns and the use of catalytic converts, but older engines require leaded gasoline to reduce wear damage to vital engine parts. Oxygenated gasoline is often required in urban areas, which also creates combustion problems that can diminish engine performance.


GSL-4®, which contains compounds and ingredients that improve performance aspects of gasoline, is the answer. It is an ashless, non-phosphorus, multi-component, multipurpose, concentrated formulation of gasoline-improving additives.

This product cleans fuel lines, carburetors and injectors, serves as a water control agent, reduces emissions, acts as a substitute for lead, improves mileage and power, helps prevent rust deposits, supplies critical lubrication to cylinder areas, and meets all EPA regulations. It contains no methyl, ethyl or isopropyl alcohol.



Specific Gravity @ 60° F


Flash Point

109° F

Viscosity (SUS @ 100° F)

30.0 sec.



Pour Point

Below -60° F

Initial Boiling Point

318° F

Final Boiling Point

418° F

Ash Content (@ 500° C)

Less than 0.005%

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