"We cannot say enough about your product, [DSL-5®]. It has truly saved us many hours of down time, which you know is money in the pocket." - City Superintendent of Vehicle Management

Many diesel engine service problems are associated with poor fuel quality and fuel impurities. These conditions can result in the buildup of a large amount of insolubles and water contamination. The result is low-temperature fuel gelling and icing, premature filter and injector plugging, harmful engine deposits and overall inferior performance.

To cope with these problems, Energy Additives initiated a program to develop an ashless fuel additive that would inhibit fuel pollutants and provide premium fuel performance from #2 diesel. The result was a new additive/treatment, DSL-5®, proven in tests over a five-year period in a variety of fleets in heavy-duty operations.

DSL-5®'s cold flow improver reduces the pour point of diesel fuel and increases pumpability and filterability at low temperatures. Engines start, run, and operate efficiently in much colder environments than normally possible. The improver contains an ashless, organic material that will burn with the fuel and is not detrimental to the combustion process.

Blended into DSL-5® is a water control agent that helps remove moisture from fuel tanks, lines, and bulk storage tanks. Water droplets are broken down into minuscule particles that disperse into the fuel and are removed during combustion. Cold-weather icing is eliminated and rusting prevented. Removal of free-standing water also stops micro-organism growth, which forms a sludgelike material that can plug filters and injectors.

DSL-5®'s highly efficient dispersing agent breaks down fuel-related sludge and oxidation residues into particles less than a micrometer in diameter. These pass through the filtration and injector systems without causing any plugging problems.

DSL-5® contains a powerful but safe detergent to help get rid of fuel-related deposits such as gum, varnishes, and carbon residues. Regular use of the additive treatment removes and inhibits buildup of deposits in the combustion chamber, ring grooves, valves and other engine parts. Operating efficiency is increased, engine life prolonged, and fuel consumption decreased.

DSL-5®'s cold flow improver and the water control agent will help control low-temperature icing and gelling when used as instructed on a regular basis. Prevent winter problems before they start with consistent DSL-5® fuel treatment.

DSL-5® makes the diesel fuel burn more completely. Diminish the black smoke from unburned fuel, save fuel, and avoid environmental complaints.



Specific Gravity @ 60° F


Flash Point (Tag Closed Cup)

106° F

Viscosity (SOS @ 100° F)

32.5 sec.



Initial Boiling Point

312° F

Final Boiling Point

416° F

Ash Content (@ 500° C)


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