At Energy Additives we’ve done our best to create a website that anticipates and satisfies our customers’ needs. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions on our filters. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 888-965-6374 or 269-965-8085.

Q: Is there a pressure difference to determine when to change the filtration unit?

A: Yes, your multi-staged filter is designed on a combination of the principles of fluid movement, particulate and droplet action, reaction, interception plus molecular motion along with diffusion. It is designed to remove and hold contaminants in each stage of the unit. As more and more contaminants are removed and captured in the different stages, additional pressure is needed to ensure the proper flow of fuel to your equipment is maintained. This shows up on the pressure gauge on the vessel and is known as back pressure.

As your unit begins to fill with contaminants, starting with the First Stage and its larger (75 to 40 micron) contaminants, then on to the Second Stage where medium size (30 to 20 micron) particulate and droplets collide and form larger droplets that are held in this stage. As fuel enters Stage Three small particulate (15 to 10 micron), water droplets and heavy ends or oils droplets that do not follow the flow perfect path but because of design randomly collide with each other, forming larger droplets plus encapsulating particulate and heavy ends or oils aerosol droplets which are held in this stage. Then fuel flows into the Fourth Stage, the final stage, designed to present the optimum structure of filter media to capture and hold all the small, finer contaminants (chemical impurities, heavy ends or oils, 5 & 10 micron particulate and moisture).

Q: Can the heavy ends or oils captured in the different stages bleed thru into the equipment fuel stream again?

A: No, your filter is an absolute filtration unit (nothing larger than the smallest micron rated media is allowed thru) with no bypass built into it. Because your filter is designed to intercept and capture contaminants of different micron size thru assigned stages, all stages last longer and are more cost effective.

Q: When do you change your filter unit?

A: As your filter begins to remove more and more contaminants you will notice back pressure on the gauge on the vessel. Because of our four-stage design (each stage is a different micron level), the total systems works longer and more efficiently before beginning to show back pressure. If your filter does not have a pressure gauge, you may install one on inlet side of filter.

What we recommend is listed on the product description sheet and is for normal use. Some of things that can govern this recommendation are:

1. How clean is your fuel – everyone thinks their fuel is clean but sometimes contaminants are let into the fuel by poor maintenance practices, transporting, holding tanks, or pipe lines and other.

2. If you have had fuel problems before, and whether they have increased or decreased –

a. LPG and gases move in a wave action picking up and moving moisture, chemical contaminants, heavy ends or oils, and particulate thru your tanks, piping, and equipment, one wave at a time. When the problem decreases there is always some material left in your system.

b. Having some contaminants mixing with every load of fuel would cause the system to load up contaminants and have the same effect over time as getting one bad load of fuel.

Q: What is the typical droplet size for heavy ends or oils?

A: Heavy ends or oils can have different droplet sizes ranging from 50 to 5 microns that is why our filter is multi-staged. When the larger 40-micron droplets are captured, the 30 to 20 micron size flows thru to be capture by the next stage, etc.

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